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The Profit Platform is An Online Course That Gives You A Proven Strategy to Build Your Business, Reach More Customers & Automate Your Marketing.

Based on 20 Years of Marketing Experience At Seven Sons Farms.

A Bit About Me... (Your Instructor)


For the last 12 years, it has been my privilege to work alongside my family and our growing team to build a business that we hope will be a beacon of hope to family farms all across the world. 

I grew up helping my dad and brothers with our livestock operations and I took an early interest in our direct marketing efforts. Like most farms, we started with farmer's markets and restaurants but soon realized these avenues alone would not provide the necessary profit or scale to support our family farm.

Following the early wisdom of Alan Nation, we turned our attention and efforts to internet marketing and never looked back. 

Today we serve over 5,000 customers each year through our regional online home delivery and pickup location network.

Our farm is doing what it is today because God chose to instill a vision of hope in the hearts of my parents over 20 years ago. Our journey has not been easy and our family is like any other family. We've faced many obstacles, we've been through family hardships but through it all, we've been blessed with many opportunities. 

Ultimately our businesses have grown to what they are today because God has chosen to bless us with an incredibly talented team of people who have dedicated their lives to the work of regenerating our lands and the people we seek to serve. 

It is now our goal to share what we've learned and help farms all across the world to start and grow successful family businesses!


Blaine Hitzfield - CEO of Seven Sons & GrazeCart